Then: Discover the SECRET to Bicycling Confidently and Safely.

See how you CAN bicycle AND get the cooperation you need from other drivers.

Now you can bicycle the NEIGHBORHOOD and the CITY, without feeling like your life's at risk.

Whether you're a beginner or an experienced bicyclist... You've come to the right place, because you must be looking for a few good ideas. And that's a good idea.

Bicyclists are not prepared for traffic, they're left to improvise on their own.

Most children learn to ride a bike, but then... they're not taught the skills they need for riding in traffic. But now that you're grown up, you're more interested in transportation than play, and that means riding with traffic. So… most of us stop bicycling. Some persist and improvise their way into traffic…with predictable results as most of them feel bicycling with traffic is unpleasant and even dangerous.

Imagine motorists trying their cars in a parking lot and then driving out into traffic -- without any training. What would you expect?

Are you concerned about car/bike conflicts?  Are you concerned that you, or many others, are afraid to bicycle because of traffic?

You should be. Bicyclists who haven't been shown the best ways to handle their bikes and traffic are at risk…for conflicts, fear of traffic and setting a poor example. And that's not a good way to get more people bicycling and doing it well.

And... have you noticed? Even children are told to signal their turns...but how many bicyclists signal consistently and clearly...or at all? With training you can learn to signal well and see good results so you'll feel natural and confident with your arm signaling.

But... aren't bicyclists vulnerable in traffic, and smart to avoid it?

Well, even many experienced bicyclists are surprised to hear that a few bicyclists ride in traffic as much as motorists. They feel they're just another driver of a vehicle that's a little different. They often prefer major streets for the same reasons motorists do: the routes are simpler and more direct...the facilities are better...and drivers are more disciplined there... and that makes up for the traffic.

So, what's different about these bicyclists? Are they oblivious to the dangers, or do they have a SECRET?

They understand what they're doing very well and their secret is...they've taken personal responsibility to learn what they can do to get along with other drivers. When they have a problem, they ask themselves what they can do differently to get better results next time. They take responsibility to learn how to make the rules work…by looking at the example of the best bicyclists.

So…its all about healthy attitudes and learning good social skills for the traffic environment... so you can get along better with other people as drivers?

If drivers see you're not confident in following the rules…they may become impatient or even misunderstand you. If you don't know how to follow the rules of the road, and how to stay in the area of the other driver's vigilance, they may not "see" you.  Either way, you've communicated poorly…and you're going to get poor results.

But...The bicycle whisperer can move other drivers into cooperation with their body and bike language...

…because these bicyclists learn how the other driver sees they've learned to adjust their own behavior. That's the essence of the "bicycle whisperer"...Its just the exercise of social intelligence for the traffic environment. And who wouldn't want that in their favor?

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Bicyclists will learn to use the rules of the road when they are expected to.

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Have fun learning bicycle driving skills…

David Smith

PS: Remember, learning how to handle your bike and traffic isn't an obstacle, it's an essential investment in the long-term success of your bicycling.


Are you interested in cycling, but nervous about traffic?

Are you riding, but want to be safe and better at avoiding problems?

Would you like to reduce the stress of biking in traffic and enjoy bike commuting more?

Get my FREE REPORT on The Six Biggest Myths that Steer Bicyclists in the Wrong Direction...Are You at Risk? along with a subscription to my newsletter Getting Started.

Hey David,

I'm writing to thank you for a great morning.  After you left me at Jackson (Street) I started trying out some of what we'd been practicing and I was already feeling more confident out in the thick of traffic!  I'll be honest, I had some doubts that I would be able to learn much (as I've been commuting by bike for over 10 years now) but I was proved wrong.  After just a short ride I really do think your ideas and training can make a big difference for many cyclists.

All the best and stay in touch,


I've commuted for years and I’m an experienced bicyclist, but I was not comfortable on busy arterials.

I was waiting for a big break in traffic on a busy 4 lane road when David showed me how to negotiate a space to get in line with traffic and then change lanes.

I thought I knew everything about biking but was truly surprised, the

car drivers were happy to oblige, making the maneuver safe and efficient for everyone. With his bike education, I'm comfortable riding safely on any road in any condition.


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